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"Have a seat Rafael !"
Stool made especially for Rafael Nadal whom I admire for his tennis prowess and his immense humility. The beauty of tennis is timeless. It is for me a warm game. The exchanges and ball percussions make the shadows dance on the warm colors of the courts.

Between the white lines, out of time is the present moment, the serenity of the place where only the sound of the hits seem offensive. Despite the power and strength of Rafael Nadal's game, I wanted this portrait to be soft and luminous in the image of his personality and of this sport.

The seat is composed of precious woods: Sycamore burl for the background, oak for the player's skin, speckled maple (tinted) for his t-shirt, Sycamore (tinted) for his headband, rosewood for his hair, teak for the shadows, pear and maple for his racket. The outline is coated in bronze. The legs are in solid oak.

Diameter 30 cm x H 47cm

Only one in this world.



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