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My marquetry work leverages the knots and natural colors of wood, sometimes heart-stained wood, to create shapes, impressions and relief.
An illusion of painting.

I define my style with innovative inlays to achieve a hyper-realistic effect and enhance the works.



The thickness of eternity.


It took time for me to clearly define my goal and style. I have always loved drawing, painting, and crafting objects. In my workshop, I conducted numerous researches and experiments in search of innovation. The discovery of marquetry was a revelation for me.

As a wood enthusiast, I express myself through it, much like a painter does on canvas. It offers an equally rich palette of colors.

Some precious woods have a lot of shine and reflections, allowing me to enrich and texture my works.

'Fusion marquetry'

I modernize marquetry in several ways: with contemporary designs, large formats on various mediums, sometimes reversible or versatile works, and hyper-realistic inlays.

I incorporate real materials corresponding to the drawing, for example: jewelry, leather, tennis balls, guitar parts, etc.

I conceive and manufacture my works in their entirety, from drawings to mediums.


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