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Studio 54

Aaaah Freak Out! le Freak, c'est chic!

Amber, the hero, holds exactly the same position as in the previous painting (Ocean avenue) yet the situation is very different...


This time Amber is in the most emblematic nightclub of all times: Studio 54 back in 1977. Right under the disco ball, the epicenter of the dance floor, the "Disco Queen" catches everyone's eye.

In the middle of a musical jungle and frenzy, time suddenly stops when every man on the dancefloor sees her.

Amber is made of precious woods (Ziricote, stained green ash, mahogany, Sycamore, burnt oak).
Her hair is made of brass entirely covered with 24 carat gold leaves. Her earrings are made with silver leaves.

I used a South American wood called Louro Faïa for the background of the painting, which natural texture and colour imitate tapestries from back in the days.

For the disco ball, I inlayed a mirror inside the wood then added silver leaves for more perspective and reflection.

100cm x 81cm. (without the frame)


Only one in this world.


Price upon request 


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