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Born in Monaco, I grew up in a small French town near the Italian border.

Immersed in a multi-cultural environment; French, Italian and Monegasque, diversity was rife, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated of things.



How could you not love and be inspired by the French Riviera where flip-flops and stiletto heels, tuxedos and shorts are worn side by side..?

Contrasts are everywhere, from the buzzing city life on the coast, to the tranquility of perched hill top villages.

No wonder artists and celebrities took root in this area full of historical sites, diverse landscapes and unusual architectures.

​ My grandfather was an amazing painter and craftsman who loved to dabble in all sorts of styles and techniques. My grandmother was a dressmaker. I spent my childhood by their side: I was always behind my grandfather, watching what he was doing. He was really good at everything that was manual. He was a role model. He still is.

For me, wood is my thing. I love to express my emotions through this raw material provided by Nature, almost as an artist does with a painting on canvas.

I am passionate about music, surfing and have travelled to over 30 countries.


I also lived in Ireland, Spain and Russia.

My creations are mainly inspired by my travels and encounters along the way.  BrettG.

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